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In the Corporate Hospitality of Madrid Horse Week Longines World Cup we offer a unique experience, taking the greatest care with every detail.

Our services, designed specifically for each customer, stand out for providing the greatest attention to the smallest details, ensuring the maximum satisfaction of all guests.

Exclusive Locations
Restaurants of renowned prestige/ 5* Hotels

Maximum quality and professionalism

Personalization of Contents
Adaptation of proposals according to the needs of each company.

Unique Experiences
Unforgettable activities

Table for 6 people facing the Central Arena. The table is served by waiters and includes menu service during the entire event (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The guests will have access to the MHW VIP Corner and the option of access to “The Corner” restaurant.
Table for 6 people.
Facing the main arena of the event. Menu served by catering professional.
High quality wines and spirits
The entire event (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Passes for VIP Corner (drink and appetizer service included)
Access to “The Corner Restaurant”

Box for eight people facing the Central Arena in an exclusive zone. The stand includes a hall and bar zone. Attended by waiter and hostess service, it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner during the entire event.

Guests in the VIP Box will have access to the MHW VIP Corner and the option of access to “The Corner” restaurant.

Exclusive box with capacity for 8 people.
Facing the event arena.
Hall and bar zone.
The entire event (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Appetizers served by catering professional
High quality wines and spirits
Hostess and Waiter services
Access to VIP Corner
Personalization of spaces
Personalized attention
Transport service
Packet of invitations for the competition
(10 tickets daily for Central Arena)

Box for 6 people in the Central Arena situated in a preferential location. The box
allows entry for all sessions during the entire event.
In addition, the Stands Box includes passes for the MHW VIP Corner and the
option of access to “The Corner” Restaurant.

Box for 6 people in main stands for 6 people.
6 passes for VIP Corner (drink and appetizer service included).
Access to “The Corner” Restaurant.

MHW VIP Corner is the meeting place for all the Sponsors, Institutions, Personalities, Riders and MHW VIP Guests. Located at the entrance to the Boxes and Tables zone; it is a unique space to enjoy while promoting any brand, generating business opportunities and building professional relationships through a unique platform.

It has various lounge zones and a wide variety of brands that offer drink and appetizer services completely free of charge.

MHW offers its guests and customers high quality catering, creating gastronomy based on the highest quality of all its products, elegance, innovation, and exquisite care in all the details and personalized service thanks to Vilaplana.
We know how to interpret the needs of our customers, the number of dinner guests, the nationality of the guests, and the space where the event takes place, as well as offering them the best products according to the season. Our chefs prepare each dish with the greatest care, with the aim of satisfying the most demanding tastes.
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