Madrid, 23rd of November 2018 – The CSI5 * -W Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio Trophy, qualifying test for the Longines FEI World Cup™, began on time at 7:30 p.m. on the first day of the VI edition of IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK. Many riders decided to participate in this class played under the “Fault & Time with one Jump Off” table and a height of 155 cm.

Although the riders have gone calmly to ensure getting to the Jump Off, a fairly square course, has made them sweat to finish the course without fault. The third obstacle of the triple, has especially given several headaches, since almost nobody was able to beat it. Such has been the difficulty, that out of 43 participants, only 7 riders have been able to finish the course without fault.

The Jump Off, despite having only 7 participants, has been exciting and equally contested. The Frenchman Simon Delestre set the mark high enough riding Hermes Ryan and finishing the course in 42.38 seconds that seemed unbeatable. Mark McAuley and Jasco vd Bisschop got us out of our mistake getting the time to go under 8 hundredths.

Julien Epaillard had the best time of the initial course with Usual Suspect d’Auge, and the pair did it again in the Jump Off despite the time marked by the Irish which seemed definitive. Epaillard was able to finish an impeccable course in just 41.29 seconds, getting ahead both his compatriot and McAuley.

Regardless of the result, the seven riders who have participated in this Jump Off are immediately qualified for the World Cup that will take place on Sunday.

The ¡HOLA! Trophy never disappoint all the fans who want an appetiser of what will be a weekend of competition loaded with emotion thanks to the best riders of the international ranking.

Luca Maria Moneta has been crowned as the winner. The Italian that everyone knows as “The Carrot Man” has made a spectacular journey riding Amethyse du Coty, in a time of 55.83 seconds. Closely followed by the Swiss Pius Schwizer with Balou Rubin R, who did not reach the Italian time by just 6 cents.

Third was the Belgian François Mathy Jr, who made a very clean course with Casanova de l’Herse in a time of 56.14 seconds.

The public was lamenting with Emanuele Gaudiano, the winner of this same event in the previous edition, when his mare Carlotta knocked down the last obstacle, taking the Italian completely away from the podium. Emanuele stopped the clock in a time of 52.50 seconds, that nobody has been able to beat.

The first day of competition of this sixth edition began around noon with the now traditional CSI2* Ecuestre Trophy, disputed under the “Two Phases” table and a height of 125 cm.

Although the course itself has not been much problem, the setting of the third obstacle has given certain complications to the riders, which is why a large number of them failed to move to the second phase.

The young rider Pedro Fernando Mateos Rodríguez, made it to the first place riding Ultra Lord in a time of 17.55 seconds. Very close to him was José Fumero Hernández with Garsina, who managed to stop the clock in 17.72 seconds. However, the fast pace of Pablo Valle Espinedo, who finished in 17.74 seconds riding Danthe Rdps, has kept his Spanish compatriots in suspense until the last moment of the class.

Thanks to the excellent performance of these three riders, the Spanish anthem has resounded once again in the inaugural event of this edition of IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK.

The CSI2* Hipódromo de la Zarzuela Trophy, started at 2:00 p.m. This class, disputed under the “A with stopwatch” scale and a height of 140 cm, was the perfect setting for the Catalan rider, Otti Verdú Vidal, to make the podium twice.

For the second time on the first day of the VI edition of IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK, the Spanish anthem resounded through the IFEMA facilities.

A course marked by the tranquility with which all riders have faced it, has ended with Otti Verdú getting the gold with Twiggy Ka in a time of 55.46 seconds. But Otti also endend up in third position riding Top Lulú,considered by many one of the best mares in Spain. Second was Kevin González de Zárate with Urbain des Grezils, making an impeccable course that managed to finish in 56.59 seconds.

El encargado de cerrar la primera jornada de competición de la VI edición de IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK ha sido el CSI5*-CSI2* Seis Barras Trofeo IFEMA. Esta prueba de potencia es una de las favoritas del público, ya que está cargada de tensión y entusiasmo. Tanto los fans de este deporte como aquellos que solo buscan un día de entretenimiento, celebran con los jinetes cada ronda que pasan sin falta.

Este año, la prueba ha rebosado adrenalina, que ha terminado con un empate entre el irlandés Denis Lynch con All Star y el noruego Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen montando a Arakon. Ambos binomios hacían un actuación excepcional en una larga prueba que ha durado más de una hora, algo poco usual para una prueba de estas características. Tras el tercer desempate, y habiendo superado sin falta el obstáculo de 195 cm, ambos jinetes han decidido empatar y repartirse el premio.

Por detrás de ellos quedan jinetes como la británica Laura Renwick, el sueco Peder Fredricson o el jinete español Ismael García Roque que ha luchado hasta el final.

El día de mañana estará cargado de pruebas de distintas disciplinas. Dando comienzo la novedad de este año, el CDI-W FEI Dressage World Cup Gran Premio Trofeo Eulen, que tendrá lugar a las 13:00.

Los jóvenes visitantes podrás disfrutar del AON PonyTurf, un proyecto solidario que cuenta con la colaboración de distintas fundaciones dedicadas a la protección y el cuidado de los niños. La prueba de mañana será apadrinada por ASION.

The CSI5* -CSI2 * Six Bars IFEMA Trophy was in charge of closing the first day of competition of the VI edition of IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK. This power class is one of the public favorites, since it is filled with tension and enthusiasm. Both fans of this sport and those who only look for entertainment, celebrate with the riders every round they pass without fault.

This year, the event was overflowing with adrenaline, which ended with a tie between the Irish Denis Lynch riding All Star and the Norwegian Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen riding Arakon. Both pairs made an exceptional performance in a long class that lasted more than an hour, something unusual for a class of these characteristics. After the third jump-off, and having overcome the 195 cm obstacle without fail, both riders have decided to call it a tie and divide the prize.

Behind them were riders like the British Laura Renwick, the Swedish Peder Fredricson or the Spanish rider Ismael García Roque who fought until the end.

Tomorrow will be loaded with classes of different disciplines. Including the first class of this years novelty, the CDI-W FEI Dressage World Cup Grand Prix Eulen Trophy, which will take place at 13:00.

Young visitors will also enjoy the AON PonyTurf, a charity project that has the collaboration of different foundations dedicated to the protection and care of children. The class tomorrow will be presented by ASION.

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