The Organizing Committee wants to send a message of encouragement and solidarity to the equestrian community and to all those affected by COVID 19

Due to the world crisis that we are living, we face one of the hardest challenges in history. Beyond the impact on the lives of millions of people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has also dealt a severe setback to the evolution of the global economy and, like most sectors, sport and entertainment events, have been some of the most affected.

Despite the effort of the Organizing Committee of IFEMA Madrid Horse Week and that the Institutions and Federations have articulated different measures to alleviate the impact of this crisis in our sector, there are many other uncertainties regarding the organization of massive events that has forced the sad decision to cancel IFEMA Madrid Horse Week in this 2020 edition, something exceptional since it became the venue for the World Cup in 2014.

However, from now on we will focus on the upcoming 2021 season and we take this opportunity to thank those who make IFEMA Madrid Horse Week possible with their support and trust: sponsors, athletes, fans and workers.

On behalf of the entire team that is part of the Organizing Committee of IFEMA Madrid Horse Week, we want to show our solidarity and send a message of encouragement to the entire equestrian community and especially to all those affected by Covid-19. We hope that shortly we can enjoy IFEMA Madrid Horse Week once again.

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