Dear Friends,

We are facing an exceptionally difficult situation brought on by the Corona Virus pandemia. The strict measures of confinement declared in the Spanish Government’s State of Alarm require that we all change our lives in order to overcome this crisis as soon as possible. It is therefore our responsibility and priority to protect our health and prevent this virus from spreading. This challenge is even greater for the equestrian community because we must also protect the lives and health of our horses. 

The equestrian world, as with all industries, has been directly affected by this crisis. Many of us are suffering the consequences of the imposed restrictions.

The suspension of activities in the equestrian sector not only affects the athletes of the various disciplines. It also has great impact on all companies, freelancers, and personnel involved both directly and indirectly in our sport.

Right now, we must call on the spirit of sacrifice, personal achievement, determination, and dedication. These are the values that comprise sports and that specifically define horse riding.  Now, more than ever, we must embrace these core principles to overcome this unprecedented pandemia.

On behalf of our team, the members of the Organizing Committee of IFEMA Madrid Horse Week, we would like to express our solidarity and send a message of encouragement to the entire Equestrian community and especially to all those affected by the Covid-19.

For the time being, we send you a big virtual hug and look forward to the moment in the near future when we can once again enjoy our beloved sport together as a group.


The Organizing Committee of IFEMA Madrid Horse Week

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