In the first big course of the CSI1*, Carolina Villanueva and «Voice de Chenaie» had been left at the the gates of the triumph. The second day the pair was again among the best, but this time, no one was able to defeat their time. The Madrid-based rider achieved her first victory at IFEMA leaving signs of her competitiveness.

More than twenty riders competed in the Rodilla Trophy, the big event with fences of 1,40 meters height of the CSI1*, which is being disputed along with the CSI5*-W. It was a Two-Phase course. The first stage, with 7 obstacles and 8 efforts began with an oxer that caused quite a few faults, for several pairs the only one, while the second one part started with a double vertical/oxer and had 4 obstacles and 5 efforts.

Just nine riders were able to qualify for the second phase, in which Carolina Villanueva and «Voice de Chenaie» got on top in 18’30 seconds. The Asturian was the only rider that did not surpass the 19 seconds barrier on the second phase, achieving victory with the competitive son of «Diamant de Semilly», the horse that yesterday gave her the second place.

Behin Villanueva ran another rider who excelled in the first big one, Íñigo López de la Osa. The Spanish had classified his two horses among the best in the first day’s CSI1* course, and repeated on the top of the classiffication with the experienced «Sultan de Beaufour» the second day in 19,40 seconds.

Another Spanish rider, Luis Márquez Méndez from Madrid, entered the trophy ceremony that offered a full Spanish podium.
Márquez took the third place with «Babeth de la Granvile».

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