The first day of competition of this sixth edition began around noon with the now traditional CSI2* Ecuestre Trophy,disputed under the “Two Phases” table and a height of 125 cm.

Although the course itself has not been much problem, the setting of the third obstacle has given certain complications to the riders, which is why a large number of them failed to move to the second phase.

The young rider Pedro Fernando Mateos Rodríguez, made it to the first place riding Ultra Lord in a time of 17.55 seconds. Very close to him was José Fumero Hernández with Garsina, who managed to stop the clock in 17.72 seconds. However, the fast pace of Pablo Valle Espinedo, who finished in 17.74 seconds riding Danthe Rdps, has kept his Spanish compatriots in suspense until the last moment of the class.

Thanks to the excellent performance of these three riders, the Spanish anthem has resounded once again in the inaugural event of this edition of IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK.

At about 2:00 pm, the second test of the day will open for us, the CSI2 * Trofeo Hipódromo de la Zarzuela, with a fairly international presence, on a completely jumping emphasised day.

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