The ¡Hola! Trophy launched the CSI5 *-W program in a show with nearly 60 starters. Manuel Fernández Saro opened the contest with «Jarlín de Torres», the CDE from Yeguada Cortijo de Torres which is giving him a great season. The Andalusian rider and the son of «Jarnac» ran the first round without faults. It was the first of the two Spanish zeros, since the clear round of Alberto Márquez Galobardes and «Ucello Massuere», another pair that went to the European Championship this year.

The first course of the CSI5 *-W played a transitional role for the next few days, being used by many of the pairs to test first impressions before the World Cup Grand Prix on Sunday. More than half of the riders finished without faults, with several couples failing only in the first and last fences.

«Quentucky Jolly» is the oldest horse in David Will’s stable. The 17-years-old the gelding is in good shape and achieving a new triumph for his long service record. The German and the son of «Nirvana» recently won the CSI3* Grand Prix in Risenbeck and, once again, both showed their speed on the IFEMA track.

The pair was first to go below the 50-second mark, after finishing their round with 49,31 seconds. A clock that only the Dutch Leopold van Asten could approach with the daughter of «Argentinus», «VDL Groep Urane de Talma», who crossed the finish line in 49,59 seconds. Will and Van Asten were the only riders at the top with less than 50 seconds.

Víctor Bettendorf, who arrived at Madrid after adding a good number of victories on the Vilamoura Champions Tour, entered the trophy ceremony with «Astuce de la Roque», the quick daughter of «Kannan» and mother for «Quick Star». The pair took over the third place with a run in 50,78 seconds.

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